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Becoming Virtual

The Catahoula Parish Library was created to meet the information and recreational needs of our community. As media and access to media and information has changed, we have changed with it. Time has progressed from printing only to now including books on CD, videos, eBooks, and now virtual reality. We have kept abreast of changes to better prepare our users for the changing world.

Virtual reality technology offers an immersive, interactive experience that can transport you to another world, or simply allow you to experience something in a way that you never have before. Imagine being able to step into the shoes of a character in a book or movie, feeling as if you are really there, truly experiencing the story in a unique and powerful way. VR technology can make this possible, allowing users to interact with and experience a world in ways that were never previously possible. As such, this technology offers great potential for libraries, and could be a valuable addition to the services offered by us.

While embracing emerging changes, we also still provide face-to-face programming and workshops to help reach all patrons.

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