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The Catahoula Parish Library is working to offer …
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Content & Library Services

Content & Library Services

Cloudlink E-library

Cloudlink E-library is an innovative multimedia platform that brings together thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and digital …
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Stationery Services

We provide patrons with access to these additional in-house services:


We let you send essential documents and messages quickly and securely. Customer service sets us apart, and our experienced and pleasant team will answer any queries and make your faxing experience efficient and fun.


We quickly copie books, documents, reports, and other things. We make clean, sharp copies to your specifications using high-quality equipment and machinery. Our competitive pricing offers the finest value, and our crew is highly skilled in handling all documents, guaranteeing your copies are error-free, exact, and precise.


Laminating protects and enhances all paper prints and documents by adding a strong, transparent covering. Laminating protects documents from stains, water, humidity, and rips. Documents and prints seem glossy after laminating. Businesses, schools, and people can use it to protect their documents.


Ideal for storing and sharing essential papers, images, and other materials in digital form. We scan your materials carefully and accurately using the newest technology and skilled people.

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